I have my ARCT diploma in piano performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music and have completed all the theory requirements. I received A’s in both of my second-year theory courses through the University of Calgary as part of my Bachelor of Music degree and consider myself proficient in my knowledge and teaching capabilities of all theory levels offered by the RCM. I teach from the official RCM theory books. I teach in English and the prices are all in CAD and include GST.

The first service I offer are theory lessons at $30/hour. I often teach in 30-minute lessons unless you have another length of lesson you would prefer. I usually meet once a week to learn new material and I ask that the homework in the week either is sent through a picture or scan prior to the lesson. I will then mark it and add my comments when I send it back to you before the lesson for no extra cost. I also answer questions via email throughout the week and mark any number of practice exams before a lesson for free. After each lesson, I am happy to send an email to remind you (the parent and/or student) about what the homework is if that is something you are interested in. I teach over Zoom and I will provide a link with a password that is different to each student/family to avoid any other people joining the Zoom call.

The second service I am offering is that I will mark any one RCM practice theory exam or any one unit of work from the RCM theory books for $20 which I will send back to you via email with a written explanation of my grade, my comments, useful tips, and reminders on how to understand the material better and hopefully receive a better mark on your examination. I guarantee a 24-hour response with the marked questions and comments.

I prefer to be paid through eTransfer, but I also accept PayPal payments. For theory lessons, I am fine being paid on a lesson-by-lesson basis. For marking an official RCM practice exam/unit (the second service) you pay per use of service (every practice exam or unit marked). I keep a detailed record of all lessons and payments and can give a copy of those records to you at any point in time. If you have any questions or general inquiries about my services or policies, you can email me at and I will reply ASAP.

If you wish to request one of these services, you can do so through the contact page, by the email listed above, or by filling out my Google Form. Click here to fill out my Google Form.